Video tape transfer services

We digitally re–master and convert your home videos and movies onto crystal clear, cinema quality DVDs.

video1VHS & Betamax video tapes have a limited lifespan and are susceptible to degradation and loss due to natural organic breakdown and the ravages of wear, heat and moisture.

It's great to know your memories are recorded, but having access to enjoy them is important.

VHS and other video players are no longer being made, so finding a suitable video cassette recorder to play your old video tapes will become more and more difficult, leaving your bulky tapes unusable.

The best solution is to transfer your video tapes to digital today. This way, you can enjoy your DVDs anytime you'd like on your computer, or DVD player.

You also have the option to have the digital video files loaded to an external hard drive for use on your computer.

We can transfer from the majority of videotape ever manufactured, so if you don't see your format please contact us for a quote.


Camcorder tape transfer services

minidvtapeCamcorder tapes and memory cards come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what format you have, we can transfer all to DVD, AVI, MPEG, Quicktime or virtually any other format.

With our camcorder transfer services you can future proof your memories, ensuring you can watch them again and again. before it's too late.