aboutAbout Stanleys Transfer House

We are a long established audio visual business based in central London, providing domestic clients and production companies with a whole range of professional video and media services.

We can transfer from virtually any video or cine film format to DVD and/or file - and this process is carried out at our Percy Street premises to ensure the security of cherished & unique material.

Home videos and photographs deteriorate over time due to environmental conditions, inferior storage containers, and the break down of the actual chemical composition of the photographic or film materials. Re-mastering them in a digital format avoids later problems recovering precious material. Converting your old videos, reel to reel film, photos, negatives and slides to digital format will ensure your family's archive of captured memories is preserved.

If you are unsure about any aspect of our services or are considering using our services but have a question or two, please contact us and speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff.


As well as providing transfer services to many individuals, over the past few years a number of leading companies have relied on us for the quality transfer services we provide.