Slide scanning, restoration & digital transfer

Unless you have a working slide projector, you may not be able to view your slides. Furthermore, over time slides run the risk of deterioration and will fade.

slides We're here to help you preserve those moments in vivid, high quality digital format.

The only way to guarantee the safety of your memories is to preserve them digitally. Use our slide scanning service to convert your old slides into new digital images, you’ll be protecting them from dust, humidity, decay, scratches and other damaging effects of time.

We process a wide variety of slides for digital conversion, ranging from 35mm and 126 to small format 110 slides. We'll happily receive your slides in carousels or any other storage container.

Every slide is treated and processed with the utmost precision and care. All slides are individually cleaned, scanned and edited by hand to ensure the highest quality possible.

Image restoration

Our technicians have years of experience working with digital image enhancement. We pride ourselves in the quality of our digital editing work. Enhancements such as cropping, reorientation, red-eye removal and colour correction will help to restore the quality of your older images. These edits will bring new life to your pictures and make them a pleasure to share and enjoy.

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