Mini DV tape transfer services

MiniDV is a camcorder tape format which, for a while, was the most popular format for home video cameras. The majority of small camcorders sold in the past decade have used the miniDV digital video tape format.

MiniDV cassettes are 65 x 48 x 12 mm. Record time is 60 minutes (standard play) or 90 minutes (extended/long play). 80/120 minute tapes are also available.

Being purely digital the quality is far superior to the previous analogue formats like Hi8 & VHS-C, however like other tape formats it can degrade and become damaged.

By transferring your Mini DV recordings to DVD you can future proof your memories, ensuring you can watch them again and again.

We are able to convert any region of MiniDV tape (NTSC, PAL etc) to DVD.

Each DVD is personalised to your requirements. Chapters, interactive menus, background music can all be added.

No matter how big or how small each order is, the same care and dedication is given to all.

Mini DV to AVI, MiniDV, MPEG or Quicktime

In addition to DVD, we can transfer your miniDV recordings to AVI, MPEG, Quicktime or virtually any other format. The files will be ready to play on your computer, laptop or mac and you can import the files into video editing software to create and edit your own DVDs. You can have the digital video files loaded to an external hard drive.

Please note that we supply hard drives at very competitive prices, just contact us for our prices.

We are able to transfer from or to the American format ie NTSC.